Refresh Reed Diffuser - Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Lemon

Refresh Reed Diffuser - Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Lemon


Our Refresh Reed Diffuser is scented with pure essential oils, providing your room with the cleansing, citrusy scent of tea tree, eucalyptus and lemon.


Benefits of Refresh Candle:

  • refreshes and uplifts - promotes a good mood
  • alleviates symptoms of a cold or blocked sinuses
  • reduces stress and nervous tension


Our diffusers can last up to 3-4 months, though this depends on many factors including location and room temperature.


Each diffuser bottle comes with 7 black fibre reeds which distribute the scent wonderfully. You can of course choose to use fewer reeds if you'd like a more subtle scent and this will allow your diffuser to last longer.

100% natural ingredients

Vegan & cruelty free

Made in Stamford, UK

  • Safety Information

    • Do not allow the oil to come into contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces or fabrics
    • Keep out of reach of children
  • Ingredients

    Pure essential oils and sweet almond oil.